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Initially trained and employed as a high-tech electrical engineer, Arnim switched to the world of fine woodworking over a decade ago.  Arnim is primarily self-taught, but he continues to pursue occasional tuition with an elder Benedictine woodworking master in his native country, Colombia. 

With commissions ranging from stately, refined entrance doors (including a set of sliding doors for the winter Olympics in the Vancouver Art Gallery), to mantels, home and naval furnishings, signs, carvings, artistic sculptures and more, Arnim’s artistry has found homes both locally and abroad.

Arnim has learned that all wood has its biography ingrained. Through faithful attention and countless hours of patient craftsmanship, he highlights the unique character of the wood in each of his creations . He believes that the skilled human hand complementing nature’s intrinsic beauty is an indispensable counterbalance to our efficient, modernistic society. 
The engineer in Arnim is still fully alive; his attention to design is impeccable. He often incorporates unexpected and covert details such as tokens, hidden odes to the tree and enigmatic treasures. With his customers’ input, his pieces become story telling entities.
In his workshop Arnim likes to be the best “tool” around; he continuously challenges himself to be honed at least as well as his sharpest carving knife.

Arnim Rodeck
Fine Woodworking

                                    (1) 250-715-4030                                   Maple Bay, BC Canada