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About me
Born in Colombia, I lived there for 23 years, then finished my studies in electrical engineering in Germany.  I completed a Master of Science degree in the UK and worked with Hewlett-Packard in Germany, Australia, England, the States, and Canada. 

My travels have intensified my lifelong respect of the natural world and my passion for different ways of understanding that world. After applying my creative abilities in the engineering field for over a decade, I turned my hand to the distinctive wonders of wood.

My fascination for wood started with model airplanes and boats.  This fascination was rekindled when I had the opportunity to fully renovate my attic some time ago. 

Inspired by the fantastic carving skills of the West Coast First Nations people in British Columbia, I have adapted these themes, as well as native themes from my homeland, into my work.  In a recent apprenticeship living with Benedictine Monks in their rural monastery in Colombia, I learned the ways of  fine craftsmanship that they have preserved from centuries past.

Arnim Rodeck
Fine Woodworking

                                    (1) 250-715-4030                                   Maple Bay, BC Canada